Healthy Vending Machines: One Way to Improve Access to Healthy Food

Americans are busy balancing work, home life, and time for play. Americans also love convenience; they want things fast, especially food. When life gets busy, it’s easy to skip making a healthy lunch and opt to eat from the vending machine instead. But is that chocolate bar worth your health? Communities are finding ways for individuals to have convenience in their food choices without sacrificing health by providing an alternative to traditional snacks. One way is with the help of healthy vending machines.

Healthy vending machines improve access to healthy food by replacing high sugar and fat foods with healthier options. Healthy vending machines may offer fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola bars instead.

Here are other ways to improve access to healthy food where you live, learn, work, and play:

  • Workplaces can promote healthy eating among employees by providing nutritious foods in the company cafeteria, in the vending machines, and at worksite functions.
  • Communities can work with local farmers to set up weekly farmers markets in various neighborhoods. Farmers markets offer fresh seasonal produce—often at a more affordable price. Farmers markets can accept food stamps and WIC coupons for low-income community members.
  • School officials can offer healthier food options for students and teachers by offering fresh fruit, salad bars, and other healthy options in the school lunch line. Farm-to-school programs are another great way to improve children’s access to healthy food and educate students about nutrition.

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