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Healthier Foods in Schools

Sometimes lunch lines and vending machines don't offer the healthiest items. Innovative solutions like farm-to-school programs are bringing fresh produce and whole grains to schools. And vending machines are being restocked with fresh options like fruit and yogurt. 

Not everyone has the same access to fresh, healthy foods. And in too many communities, it's easier to find orange soda than an actual orange. If there isn't a farmers market or fresh produce stand near you, why not bring the farm to your community? Joining with others can change the food landscape where you live and impact the health of everyone around you.

What do you want to change in your community?

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Healthier foods in childcare and preschool settings
Find out what parents and childcare providers can do to teach impressionable minds to love their greens and start healthy eating habits from the very beginning.
Learn more at

Healthier food options in school:
It's the most important break in their school day. And thanks to concerned parents and kids, it's becoming the time to load up on lean meats, fresh vegetables and whole grains.
Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools (PDF)

Healthier vending machines:
What if a school vending machine satisfied the craving for a crisp apple? It can be as simple as letting your school know it's time for change.
Developing a Healthy Beverage Vending Agreement (PDF)

Farm-to-school programs:
Farms are fast becoming important providers of school lunches. And many schools are finding room to grow fruits and vegetables right on their own properties.
Delivering More: Scaling Up Farm-to-School Programs (PDF)

Farmers markets:
Something as simple as an empty parking lot and some local growers can bring a fresh source of healthy foods to your community.
A Little Planning Helps Your Heart - and Your Budget

Healthy corner stores:
Move over, colas and frozen burritos. Find out what you can do to bring fresh fruits and other healthy snacks to a corner store near you.
Healthy Corner Stores for Healthy New Orleans Neighborhoods (PDF)

Menu labeling:
Not sure what's in that lunch special? Making families aware of what they're eating can go a long way toward helping communities make smarter choices.
Deciphering the Menu

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